Where Can I See The Old Man And The Gun Functions Confer at the Jungian Round Table

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Functions Confer at the Jungian Round Table

A dream warning about a person’s race

I’ve been interested in Jung’s style for a few years now, but I rarely dream lucidly about personality types! A few days ago, I woke up and tried to remember: did he say that the ENFP should be removed? I didn’t know what kind of words were said in the dream, but I was sure that the committee in my dream agreed to remove the teacher of the young girl.

In this Conference Table dream scene, seniors are sitting around a long conference table. The woman, who is the main character or bystander in the picture, is worried about her daughter’s obsession with her teacher. Seeing that he doubts this, the man sitting across from him is moved to give him two words from the books written by the teacher. He reads these passages aloud and angrily points out that the teacher is a pervert and child abuser!

The man who is sitting on the right side of the table starts to take action and hands the gun to the one who is sitting two spaces away. “The ENFP needs to be terminated,” he says (or some version). The person receiving the gun is giving money to the first person to make it look like he bought it; the purpose here is to absolve the other person of any charge of the crime. He says, “Here, take twenty dollars,” but the paper he hands is purple, which is the color of ten dollar amount in our Canadian currency.

I want to start analyzing the dream and what led up to it, but here I want to pause to give the reader the story of this dream.

Dream story

As you may have already guessed, I am partial to Jung and I have to admit that this has sometimes led me to think that this feeling might be the same. At one point in my life, I had a dream that contained several things that were read the next day from Jung’s writings, and these things were also confirmed by related events. For example, I dreamed of a honeycomb and encountered it in the next day’s reading; Then I ran into what looked like a hornet’s nest on the side of the road on my two minute walk from my house to the school where I was studying.

The next day, I woke up worried about the missing blue in the broken rainbow of dreams, I was forced to read about color in the dictionary and stumbled upon an illustration of the color wheel that falsified cyan, making it appear green instead of blue (I was sure of this, because I was studying colors increasing and decreasing at that time). Then the next page in Jung’s writings would be about his concern about the blue thing missing from the metaphor. One broken, rainbow-like cloud can mock the clear blue sky on the same day, and so on. This connection fostered a magical feeling in me that was not, shall we say, very stable. I found it interesting to entertain the idea of ​​Jung’s poet fishing for like-minded people in the sea of ​​our dreams and drawing us to him when he feels the bite.

My extreme love for Jung, whom I have never met, reminded me the other day of the dream we are analyzing here, reading what Dr. Mario Jacoby presented it in a book called Jungian Analysts: Their Visions and Vulnerabilities. Dr. Jacoby writes candidly about the times when he struggled to keep up with his teachers and the times when he “had to question everything he did and see Jungianism as a big hoax.” I didn’t know the word “inflation” he used to describe his extreme emotions, but his story made me compare its meaning to the familiar word “emotion”, a word taken from the dream. It is important to note that Dr. Jacoby spoke of the atmosphere at the Institute when Jung was very old, saying that his loved ones thought of him as “a wise, old man of Mana living in a mysterious tower somewhere in the forest.”

Performance changes in the first phase

In the Night School dream, I was standing on the side of the road in the country and I was washing my hands on the edge of the forest. There is a hidden campsite here. Now the police car has arrived, and the school bus has stopped at 90 degrees across the street for the children to get out. The officer asked the driver to meet him at 1:00 and they agreed. They don’t bother me and go back to my car.

This experience was followed by the Table Table experience described above, and I woke up with the warning “ENFP must be removed” still in my head. I couldn’t remember what color was mentioned in the dream, but my curiosity was piqued and my first goal was to determine if the dream could be related to a certain color.

In the Night School environment, there were four groups of forces that I could distinguish, and this is how I have grouped them, assigning one of the four Jungian elements (Thinking, Feeling, Feeling, and Consciousness) to each of them:

  • Intuition appears as an adult, a woman who has just finished exploring the forest. The trees are tall and mysterious, and the story of the dream supports the idea that forests correspond to Jung, who is sometimes called a visionary. Waking up in life, I realize that Intuition was one of his strongest functions. In this show, the knowledge seems to be coming from this female character so I can see that this Intuition is the main function.
  • The car connected to this person can be very different from Intuition, the outgoing Sensing, in the lower areas: Perception because the car is in a clear path, coming out due to the sunrise (as opposed to the darkness of the forest which is evaluated by the introverted Intuition function), and low because the car is parked and empty.
  • In the dream, there are children inside the bus, making the bus a manifestation of the original Feeling: it deals with people, but inside. The unusual way the bus stopped shows the original, which is similar to the entry function.
  • A police officer, an advocate of law and order, may be tasked with rational thinking. The lightness of the police and respect for traditions and morals shows that in this case we are dealing with escalation.

If I understand Jung’s style correctly, the characteristics of the four tasks in the Night School dream, with the primary polarities as described above, find parallels in the history of the INTJ. Interestingly, this is the type I got on my recent personality test.

New job design

In the next show, the Table Show, there are four more people working and talking to each other in pairs, but the INTJ formation seems to have ended. Let’s see if there is a recognizable color in this picture.

  • The Thinking function is now seen as the main seat of knowledge, where in the past Intuition was dominant. Note that the main task is also reflected in my gender, in the form of the woman whom the meeting has called. He doesn’t talk but he ponders things inside, so we are also dealing with a kind of talking.
  • The person who passes judgment on the teacher is confused, in the way known that our lower work often works in awakening, it is certainly part of the Feeling added to the first work.
  • Without hesitation, the person on the right quickly assesses the situation, immediately focusing on the problem and its main solution. I see him as a function of extraverted Intuition.
  • In waking life, when Intuition is removed, then the function of Sensing must be introduced, and if the same power is respected in the dream, that responsibility will fall on the last character to work, the person who receives the gun. But what would be important in choosing a starting job to fulfill an overseas job, one might ask? The important point to note in this case is that this negligent operator is focusing on the meaning he attaches to the property being changed. His thoughts about the things are more than the things themselves. The calm person receiving the gun represents the function of Introverted Sensing.

Another review

In the Table Table show, where the daytime personality type has been resolved, more information has been revealed. The arrangement of characters around the conference table shows that each task knows all the others, and this looks like:

  • The sentence said by the man on the right shows that the expression of gossip from the pleasure of the Feeling function has affected the function of Intuition.
  • The introverted Thinking function (mother) is concerned with the image of her daughter, an idea that was subtly introduced by the Feeling function earlier. By parking a school bus on the side, Feeling’s job was to block traffic and force others to stop and think about what they were doing. It looked like “Would you want your child to go to such a dubious school?” Or perhaps, “Isn’t your attraction to this teacher childish and unsustainable?” Now, the main character has started to incorporate the Feeling function into the situation.
  • The function of Sensing (the man receiving the gun) is aware of the function of Intuition involved in the accusation; this element was very hidden in the first picture and was only shown by washing the hands.
  • In waking life, Sensing is the fourth or lower function, which Marie-Louise Von Franz calls the unlocked door, because of which one can easily enter the unconscious. Perhaps the work has understood before each of us that the command mentioned by the work of Intuition to “remove” a certain color should be understood metaphorically: it is just a color. documents which must be resolved. The ten dollar bill given in the dream is exactly half of the stated amount: this could be Sensing’s way of explaining that we should take a middle path and not focus on personality.

In the final form, the functions have reversed their original polarities: what was removed is now replaced, and vice versa. Note also that the number of exchanges between the services has increased significantly. What was only mentioned in the first scene or known by one work has now become shared knowledge.

You will remember that in the Night School dream, the tasks were following the pattern of my INTJ personality. There is nothing surprising about the situation, nor is there much work going on. If you were to stand alone, the Night School scene wouldn’t be instructive, if you’ll pardon the pun.

The end

When tasks appear in dreams as letters or things that show the initial and removed thoughts that are familiar to the situation in waking life, or in other words, when they come together to form the personality of the dreamer, the dream is probably a foreshadowing. the conscious awakening of the person.

In contrast, when the tasks are seen as characters with parallel concepts, this change in polarity seems to facilitate the exchange of information between them. The knowledge available only to the third and fourth unconscious functions during waking hours can be transferred during dreams to higher functions, and this is where the real dream function takes place.

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