How To Get Fleas Off A 4 Week Old Puppy 100 Ways to Make $100 (or More)

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100 Ways to Make $100 (or More)

1. Sell something you’d normally buy by becoming an independent sales representative. Examples: Avon, Mark Kay, Mia Bella, Tastefully Simple, etc.

2. Rent booth space at your local flea market or farmers market and sell your ‘clutter’.

3. “I’d sell two or three pieces of jewelry that I make.” ~ Kate, Facebook

4. Rent booth space at your local flea market or farmers market to sell your handmade crafts, gift baskets, candles, jewelry, etc.

5. Pick up Poop – Clean up after your neighbor’s pooch. 10 customers at $10 a week, or 5 customers at $20 a week.

6. Love fish? Not the kind you eat, but the kind you have for pets. Sell your services as a fish tank installer and/or offer weekly maintenance of the tanks.

7. Chop and sell firewood.

8. Run errands for others. Grocery shopping, going to the post office, taking the car in for maintenance, doctors’ appointments, waiting for the cable guy, etc.

9. Know more than one language? Offer language tutoring and classes.

10. Share your expertise in Math, Reading, English, Literature, etc. by offering tutoring.

11. Love painting, cooking, making jewelry, Facebook, bookkeeping? Teach a class. Reach out and share what you enjoy and love by teaching others. Share your passions.

12. Submit a course proposal to your local community college and teach a continuing education class, or adult education course.

13. Organize market and teach a teleclass or workshop.

14. Always grow too many vegetables? Set up a garden/farmers stand and sell the extra fruits and vegetable from your garden.

15. Love to garden? Offer to plant, weed, and care for gardens for others who may want fresh vegetables, but may not have the time or inclination to garden.

16. Like working outdoors? Mow lawns. Rake leaves. Shovel snow.

17. Childcare – part-time, full-time, night-time, day-time, weekends. Everyone needs a little help now and again with the kids.

18. Yard sales and garage sales are a great way to clear your clutter and make a little extra money, too.

19. Pet-sitting. If you love animals, taking care of someone’s family pet(s) while they are away or on vacation may be just the thing to make a little extra cash.

20. Do you enjoy painting BIG? Are you good at it? How about holiday window painting for small businesses or mural painting.

21. Have your own art show and open house. Show and sell your paintings, crafts, sculptures, pottery, jewelry, etc. (You can also partner with other local artists.)

22. “I would sell old gold jewelry I do not wear anymore to jewelry stores that buy it.” ~ Michelle, Facebook

23. Set-up your own Etsy store to sell your art online.

24. Lead a fitness group, walking club, running club, yoga club, etc. Act as a trainer and accountability partner.

25. Holiday and house decorating. If you have a flair for decorating and love making your home beautiful you may be able to sell your services and help others to do the same.

26. Pet portraits. Combine your love of photography and animals into a specialty niche and offer pet portraits. You can travel to people’s homes or partner with a local pet shop.

27. Santa for rent. Think you can pull off playing St. Nick? Offer your services as a Santa for rent for photographs, parties, etc.

28. Dance instruction. Teach dance to children or adults.

29. Adult sports coach. Start a beginner, adult league for basketball, softball, soccer, etc. and teach adults who may have never had a chance to play as a kid, but want to now. (Most adult leagues are for people who already know how to play and may have been high school or college athletes and don’t accept beginners very easily or at all.)

30. Halloween costumes. Make and sell your own hand sewn Halloween costumes.

31. Senior companion. If you have the time and enjoy being around elderly people you may be able to rent yourself out as a senior companion. This doesn’t involve any nursing or skilled care, just a companion to talk with, run errands, share meals, etc.

32. Handyman/woman. Lots of people just need a helping hand around the house, especially older people who may not have children or grandchildren living close by. Weekly handyman duties could include fixing a leaky faucet, changing light bulbs or heater filters, unclogging drains, assembling a bookcase, fixing a door hinge, moving furniture, etc.

33. Housecleaning / office cleaning. You can offer general cleaning and dusting or even specialize in windows, carpet cleaning, floor refinishing, etc.

34. Summer camp for kids. Weekly or monthly programs that entertain and educate children during their summer break can be a very lucrative, short-term business.

35. Tour guide. Do you know fascinating details about your home town? Fun and interesting facts? You can act as a local tour guide for tourists or maybe even for school trips for children.

36. Set up a specialty online shop and sell something you love. Candles. Pet supplies. Imported leather-crafts from local artisans in foreign countries. Your product line is limited only by your imagination.

37. Event organizer. Love people? Love parties? Love organizing? Love to bring people together to celebrate? Event organizing could by your ticket to a few extra bucks (or a new career or business).

38. Have a guest room? Rent it out.

39. How about renting out your whole house for a day? A friend or someone you know wants to host a dinner party but their place is too small; someone is looking to host a weekly coaching group or teach a workshop but they have small children at home; a local small business wants to shoot a commercial and your house is just want they are looking for as a back drop.

40. “I would turn to my friend “Craig’s List” and sell something that I don’t need anymore.” ~ Tina, Facebook

41. Fashion consultant and makeover coach. Love clothes and fashion? Love people? Love helping people find their own style? Offer to help people update their wardrobe; find their own style; upgrade their dress style for a new job or promotion; help people shop and find the right clothes for their job or personal style… and charge for your service. It might be fun for you, but it’s worth being paid for, too.

42. Sell candy, snacks, fruit, etc. to your co-workers and offer some alternatives to the standard vending machine fare.

43. Lunch delivery service. Ever leave the office to pick up lunch and have six people ask you to pick up something for them? Why not charge them? If they went out to eat they’d tip the server or if they ordered out they’d have to pay a delivery charge. Charge $1-$2 per person plus the cost of their lunch. (You’ll either make some money, or have your lunch hour to yourself once again.)

44. Write, publish and sell your own e-book. Share your expertise and passion.

45. Scrap metal recycling. You can get money for your scrap metal (bikes, pipes, metal cabinets, etc.) by recycling and taking it to a local scrap yard.

46. Assembly worker. Well not really, but you can offer your services to assemble furniture such as bookcases, entertainment centers, bureaus, beds, desks, etc.

47. Organizing and decluttering. If you’ve been through your own organizing and decluttering process you may realize how much you enjoy it and how much you’ve learned in the process. You can offer your services to help others to do the same.

48. “I’d clean out my craft room of the stuff I don’t use anymore (stamps, paper, mat cutters, various stuff) and sell it on Craig’s List.” ~ Jami, Facebook

49. Gift baskets. Create and sell specialty gift baskets for birthdays, showers, holidays, new home/apartment, graduations, anniversaries, etc.

50. Be an extra in a movie or a commercial.

51. Music lessons. Teach someone else to play the instrument(s) you love.

52. Love to sew? You can do alterations, make children’s clothes, costumes, teach sewing, make doll clothes, etc.

53. Sell your photographs through a service like SmugMug.

54. Team photographer. There are numerous independent adult and children’s sport leagues and many people are willing to purchase not only still shots, but action photos of from the games, especially individual action shots. 55. Trade and sell baseball cards, or other sport trading cards.

56. Create your own T-shirt designs and sell them in person at flea/farmer market booths, online (your own website,, etc.).

57. Disney travel expert (or other travel destination expert). Do you love Disney World? Do you hold a season pass even though you live seven states away? Do you know all the ins and outs, and tricks to a great Disney vacation, places to stay, places to eat, etc.? Help people plan their Disney vacations. Share your tips in articles (you can sell) or write your own yearly guidebook (and sell it).

58. Are you good with electronics? How about fixing or refurbishing small electronics like DVD players, GPS devices, laptops, netbooks, toasters, clocks, etc.

59. If you have a website and a following you can recommend products and services you support and believe in and earn affiliate sales income.

60. Resume writing. Help others find just the right words to describe what they do for a living and write a resume geared toward a particular job or industry.

61. Mystery shopper. Many small and large retail business need feedback on their operation and customer service. If you enjoy shopping and have an eye for detail this may be a good way to earn a little extra cash.

62. Professional shopper and gift purchasing. People are super busy today. If you enjoy shopping and love people, you can offer your services to shop for and get that special gift for someone. Include specialty gift wrapping as part of your service and delivery if needed.

63. eBay – selling both new and used products through the highly popular online auction site eBay can earn you $100 or more depending on how much time you invest into learning the ins and outs.

64. “Sell no-longer-needed items in my home. I read somewhere that the average family has over $1500 worth of sellable, unused items in their home. I think it’s more.” ~ Becky, Facebook

65. Like to build things? How about custom made mailboxes? People love to personalize just about everything and I’ve seen more and more unique mailboxes on the roads lately. You may even be able to offer this service to local, new home contractors, as well as, individual home owners.

66. Tax returns. Do you have a background or training in tax preparation? January-April is great time to make some extra money helping people with their tax returns.

67. Are you able to quickly teach kids skills and/or get them to behave? Consider sharing your expertise and teach a parenting class.

68. Rent-a-geek. Love everything about computers, home entertainment systems, etc.? Consider selling your services to set up home networks, computers, surround sound systems, troubleshooting and computer diagnostics and repair.

69. Convert photographs to paintings, drawings, etc. Some people have exceptional skills as artists and are able to recreate a photograph as a work of art. One of a kind framed art, holiday cards, etc.

70. Party favors. Weddings, baby showers, graduations, every party needs special gifts for the guests. If you like using your creativity to come up with unique and fun ways to surprise and delight people this might be something you’d enjoy.

71. “I’d call up a few coaching clients to check in and see if they need any support.” ~ Jess, Facebook

72. Do you spend hours detailing your car, making it shine? Maybe you can offer a mobile car detailing service and travel to your customer instead of having them come to you. You can specialize in interiors or exteriors, stain removal or offer a comprehensive service.

73. Composting. Teach people how to make their own compost. Sell compost by the bag for small gardeners.

74. Love to cook? How about catering? You can specialize in family meals, romantic celebrations, tailgating, etc.

75. “I’d bake some cakes. [and sell them to family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, etc.]” ~ Marie, Facebook

76. Holiday baking (and selling). Cookies, pies, cakes, sweetbreads, etc.

77. Hire yourself out as a cook. Prepare the menu based on the client’s preferences, shop for ingredients, prepare the meals, refrigerate or freeze them and provide details for cooking and/or reheating.

78. “I’d do a 2-for-1 Office Spa Day special.” ~ Jen, Facebook

79. Porches, steps and railings. Many new and older homes need the porches redone, expand or may need railings. This is an area of contracting work you can specialize in. Wood, concrete, brick porches along with wood, fabricated or steel railings can be your specialty. One or two weekends a month and you can pick up $100 or more.

80. Gutter cleaner. Rain gutters need to be cleaned out every year and it is a job neither young and old like to do, want to do, remember to do or even can do.

81. Seasonal rental home cleaning service. There are areas of the country that have seasonal rental home at the beach, in the mountains, etc. These homes need cleaning between daily or weekly renters and need to be checked on during the off season.

82. Entertainer. Hire yourself out as a magician, clown, face painter, balloon artist, acrobat, etc., for children’s parties.

83. Traveling zoo. Do you have a collection of interesting, unusual pets? Or, are you fascinated by unusual pets? Snakes, pigs, turtles, iguanas, ducks, lizards, etc. You can visit schools, invite people to your farm and sell tickets, entertain at children’s parties.

84. Traveling science lab. Kids love science. If you do, too, think about creating a traveling science lab with simple, safe experiments that both educate and entertain children.

85. Graphic design/logo design. Many small businesses, including single-person, work-from- home business owners need help creating a memorable and distinctive business logo. If you have a flair for design and some graphic arts background and love helping people bring their ideas to life this might be a good fit for you.

86. Buy and sell used cars. Sometimes a little elbow grease can turn an ugly duckling into a pretty good looking duck and you can easily resell a used car and make a small profit for your efforts.

87. Host a party. Create a themed party, have great food, make it fun, tell everyone you know and sell tickets.

88. Sand Castle design, ice sculpture – if you have a unique hobby you may be able to sell your services and skills to both individuals and businesses for special events.

89. Cake decorating. Design, bake, decorate and sell cakes for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, baby showers, etc.

90. Wine tasting. Are you a passionate about wine? Why not teach a class about wines and combine it with a wine tasting event?

91. “Sell your hard cover fiction and non-fiction books on Amazon. [and softcover or paperback books.]” ~ Linda, Facebook

92. Organize a bus trip. You can organize and sell tickets for a bus trip to a casino, a theme park, show, concert, sporting event, etc.

93. Do you like to hunt? Arrange ahead of time to sell whatever you kill. Deer, bear, turkey, geese, etc.

94. Cemetery plot and headstone maintenance and care. Spring and fall cleanup and care. You can find details for headstone cleaning methods online. This service can also include special occasion flowers, grave blankets, etc.

95. Sell Christmas trees. You can buy them or grow your own.

96. Sell pumpkins for Halloween. Again you can buy them or grow your own. You can also decorate the pumpkins and sell them for a higher price.

97. Do you know a lot about astrology or numerology? Considering doing people’s charts for a fee.

98. Teddy bears. Create and sell themed teddy bear gifts for special occasions. If you love to sew you can design and make your own clothes. You can customize orders based on the customer’s needs and desires. This can be a local business or a global business. You can create a line of teddy bears to promote a business or an event. You can even consider other stuffed animals.

99. Web design and maintenance. Every business should have an online presence even it is just an online business card telling people who they are, what they do, how to find contact them and how to find out more. You can offer your design and programming skills to create and/or maintain simple one-page websites to full-fledged e-commerce websites, all depending on your skill set. You can also specialize in specific niche markets – indie pet stores, restaurants, beauty shops, service businesses like contractors, massage therapists, coaches, etc.

100. Virtual assistant. You can do data entry, make travel arrangements, type reports, prepare presentations, etc. Just about anything you may have done in the past as a clerical worker, office manager, personal assistant or executive secretary can now be done virtually using online services, email and phone. You can have one or more clients and offer one or more services depending on the client’s needs. You can offer monthly services or one-time project assistance.

101. (BONUS) Are you an English teacher? Love grammar and punctuation? Provide editing services to writers, bloggers, and others and help them with their e-books and promotional materials.

102. (BONUS) Convert documents to PDF for people who do not have the software/technology or ability to do it on their own.

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