How Much Solid Food Should A 4 Month Old Eat No Time For Meal Prep? New Delivery Services Make It Easy To Stick To Your Protocol

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No Time For Meal Prep? New Delivery Services Make It Easy To Stick To Your Protocol

There is nothing really scary when it comes to changing your diet, if you are open to the help of a little technology. Changing one’s diet can be very stressful for many people. Particularly when they don’t feel they have control over it, like when they’ve been told to follow a specific protocol to help manage a chronic illness, or they resent the disruption to their normal routine. Of course, the initial changes may be an adjustment, but luckily, many enterprising chefs have decided that you can take the guesswork out of your new protocol by letting them do the cooking for you, (sort of). Food delivery and meal kits are becoming increasingly popular among many people. From time-poor students, to busy families, to those who need to maintain strict dietary compliance, these services are brilliant!

These types of services are very practical and can be separated into two basic categories (although some are hybrids of both). Some will prepare whole meals that are ready to be reheated and eaten, others will deliver the fresh ingredients, prepared with detailed cooking instructions and you prepare the rest of the meal yourself. We do not recommend one type of service over the other, we think the best way to consider them, next to which can fit a specific protocol better, is how much you enjoy, or how much time you have, to devote to being. in the kitchen? Does part of using a delivery service appeal to you because you don’t have to cook? That’s completely fair and is exactly why these services exist in the first place! There’s also absolutely nothing to say you can’t use more than one service, either. No matter where your food may come from, we all eat many times a day, many times a week, right? For someone who likes to cook, but only when they have time on the weekends, this may mean using one service a few days a week and another for busy evenings, providing fully prepared meals that save time. This may seem like a hassle, but with easy-to-use mobile apps and desktop sites to work with, it can certainly still be easier than pouring through cookbooks and websites and trying untested recipes, then slogging through the grocery store. the dreaded collect everything you need. .

After looking at many of the menus offered by the companies we will talk about below, we can say that the prices are all fair for the offers. If you’re the type of cook who ends up with a lot of trash at the end of the week, we can even go so far as to say they can save money, too. As always, we are not affiliated with any of these services and aim only to help our patients and readers on their journeys and dietary changes, and help them make informed decisions as they learn about new eating strategies. Improving quality of life while we’re at it never hurts, either.

We used several age criteria when choosing which of these services to recommend. To begin with, we looked for companies that support specific dietary protocols such as: Paleo, Keto, Autoimmune Protocol (AIP), vegetarian, gluten-free, vegan and more. Then, of course, we check pricing, because it’s just logical to take over. We think it makes more sense to judge each of them on their own merits, instead of judging them against each other, because in many cases it can be like comparing apples to oranges. Companies that offer organic, antibiotic, hormone and GMO-free food are especially attractive to us for a myriad of health and environmental reasons. And finally, if they aim to provide local and/or sustainable meat and produce, that’s even better!

Without further ado. – This service met many of our criteria in hand. In terms of supported protocols, there are many, including: Paleo, gluten-free, vegetarian, and a proprietary menu called Lean+Clean (which we have not specifically reviewed and cannot recommend for any particular protocol. That is not to say that we do not encourage you to do your own research if you are interested, please do!). They use sustainable and organic foods in their recipes and are committed to using only hormone and antibiotic free meats. Seafood is consistently recommended as the best choice or good alternative by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Program. The recipes are meant to be on the table in 30 minutes, so they’re great for weeknights. Orders are delivered weekly in 100% recycled packaging materials. With their classic menu, they offer 18 menu items to choose from at $6.16 per serving. Family menu has 6 menus to choose from at $6.62 per serving. – We will start with the caveat that they do not offer a specific protocol menu, instead, “globally inspired, chef-designed menu.” That said, they offer so many mix and match dishes that depending on the dish and protocol, this service could still very well work for you. They offer 20 recipes to choose from and even a “rate and review” option that helps organize future menus for you. That was something we only noticed Plated do and we believe it’s another reason to check them out, even if they may not list your specific protocol, they may very well have dishes that fit all your criteria. They are committed to sustainable fishing, and serve only hormone and antibiotic free meat, supplemented with organic ingredients when possible. They use a volume pricing method, meaning the more portions you buy, the less expensive they become. 2-3 servings are $11.95 each while 4 or more are down to $9.95. They offer free shipping on orders over $60. – This service really stood out to us because of their gravitas towards gluten-free cooking. They were the first food delivery service to be certified with the GFFS Gluten Intolerance Group program. This gives us a lot of confidence when we recommend that non-gluten-free people check them out. In addition to the gluten-free menus they also offer: omnivore, carnivore, Paleo, Keto, vegan and vegetarian menus. Many of them come in Family sizes. They use all organic ingredients. The prices are fairly fair but depend on which menu you order from and how much you are eating. From the sites:

“Our prices are based on the plan you choose and how many people will be eating each dinner.

2 person plan: 1 box contains 3 dinners for 2 people (6 meals/servings total per box).

Family Plan: 1 box contains 2 dinners for a family of four, served with parents and children (8 meals/servings total per box).

Vegetarian $10.49 per meal

Omnivore $11.99 per meal

Vegan $11.99 per meal

Carnivore $13.49 per meal

Gluten free $13.49 per meal

Paleo $14.99 per meal

Note: Depending on the protein preferences you set for the Omnivore or Carnivore Plan, you may receive a menu that falls under a different meal plan. Don’t worry you will always be charged the lowest price of the two plans.

Family Omnivore $11.99 per meal

Family Carnivore $12.99 per meal

Note: Above prices do not include $9 shipping and handling per box.” – This is a Colorado-based company that serves the Denver-metro area directly, but offers next-day shipping outside of it. One of the things we found interesting is that they provide pickup locations at many CrossFit boxes in the area, killing two birds with one stone for many. What can be better than a workout then return home and dinner without an additional stop? As the name implies, they focus on preparing Paleo meals and even Paleo Catering, which is especially awesome when you’re hosting an event but don’t want to derail your dietary progress. While browsing their site, we noticed that they also offer menus for SIBO, low fodmap, Keto, Whole30 and PaleoAIP. In fact, according to their site, they are the first SIBO-specific meal delivery service in the US! They offer up to 10 meals each week to choose from. As well, they are champions of environmental stewardship, sustainability, and humanely raised meat. They offer 100% grass fed wagyu beef and lamb. As well as 100% antibiotic and hormone free pork and chicken, and wild caught Alaskan and Verlasso salmon. They strive to use local, organic and seasonal vegetables when available. One of the things we noticed, which really sets them apart from other services, is that they want to work with their customers in customizing food, which means if you have an allergy or another dietary restriction they are there to help. Not that we’re saying other companies aren’t flexible, but some of their business models just don’t allow for substitutions or omissions, so they may not work for everyone. You can call or email to talk to the staff of professional chefs to keep you safe and healthy! We found it especially appealing to people with very strict protocols. We have added a link to the price page, because they offer a lot of options, including ordering by the book, and we thought it would be easier to see it as they have it neatly presented on their site instead of run on sentences trying. to explain! – Another delivery service based in Colorado, with a familiar name at the helm, Chef Frank Bonanno. Many of you who live in and around the Denver-metro area may be familiar with his family of restaurants including Luca, Mizuna, Bones, Osteria Marco, to name a few. If you have ever eaten at any of them, you can see why we would recommend this service from the Chefs! They provide a menu filter feature that you can choose from: gluten-free, nut-free, Paleo, vegetarian, Light’NFit, and dairy. These filters can be applied across entrees, sides/salads, breakfast, family, and kids. And speaking of children, there is even something for the little ones! SupperBell offers their own line of baby food! Called Baby Fresh, they offer 4 stages of organic items from purees to solids for babies 6 months to all ages. They work with many local and sustainable suppliers such as Seattle Fish Co., Polidori Sausage, The Spice Guy, and 5280 Culinary. The prices and the ordering system remind us of the restaurant take a little, in that you can place your order on the day-two (by 3:00 pm local time), the dishes are not the same price across the board but rather a carte, and are delivered later that day between a time-window pre-selected by the customer. There are no contracts with a minimum order of just $10 and a delivery fee of $2.95 in delivery areas.

Finally, we came across a website and Facebook page for a new service called SimplyAIP. They have not yet started delivery but will launch their service this spring (2018). They will specialize in autoimmune friendly protocol foods, treats and indulgences, which we are very excited to check out! Their Facebook page is already loaded with information, recipes and blog links. We highly recommend you check them out, very informative! There tends to be a real sense of community among AIP’ers and we hope the pages are no different. They now have an email sign up on their web page so you can be on their list for grand opening information and notifications. We think they will be a tremendous new resource for those following the AIP protocol!

All in all, we’re really excited these services exist and strongly recommend doing your own research to see which fits your specific needs and budget. We know that changing your diet, or following a strict daily protocol, can be stressful and intimidating for most people, especially at first. Even if you don’t use a meal delivery service 7 nights a week, your meal can certainly be a great jumping off point to learn about your new protocol, the ins and outs, and get some future meal inspiration for when you’re at it. feel more comfortable and confident in your protocol. We are big advocates of saving time and staying as stress-free as possible and these services are our right. Imagine the time you could save for other health-enhancing activities like going to the gym, taking a yoga class or meditating. Certainly makes cooking sound a little less appealing when there are convenient, healthy and reliable options like these!

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